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Welcome to The Family Table!

Hi! I'm Genevieve and this is my lifestyle blog.

I love family, food, fitness, and fashion...and love when all four collide! I grew up in a family with two younger siblings and more cousins than I could count! We had huge family celebrations that were so fun and created really special memories. As the daughter of a kindergarten teacher, every holiday was extra special with super cute plans from my parents. So now I love making each day special for my kids too! I love a fun theme party! Especially on a budget.... it really allows you to get creative!

I got married at 22, and could just about boil water..... really....I went from living with my family in my childhood home to being married in my first house with my husband!  I embarrassingly even had to learn to use the washer and dryer! Ha!  As I settled in, I fell in love with cooking. I enjoyed trying new recipes and getting more confident each day. Now I love cooking with my kids and helping them make healthy choices with their food. They enjoy not just eating, but helping in the kitchen too.

My high school and college years were spent running...cross country, track, road races... I loved it....I loved the solitude of running and definitely experienced that "runner's high". I stepped away from it for a while.... work and two little ones had me running all day! But I missed it.. and needed to get it back...for my own physical and mental health.  A few years ago I got back into running and am so happy I did! My girlfriend and I meet on Sunday mornings to run and then grab coffee.. It's just the perfect start to my week! We have run a bunch of races together and a few half marathons. Not going to lie....half the fun is deciding what we will wear! We have been elves, leprechauns, and ninja turtles to name a few...always a fun time!

I spent the first of my 15 working years in the world of retail... hence my love of fashion. I stepped away from retail 5 years ago to fulfill my dream of owning my own business. With the help and support of my family and many friends we opened a gourmet cupcake shop in our hometown. I loved being able to sweeten the occasions of so many people in our community. We were honored to receive numerous accolades from local bloggers and magazines. After 4 years, we made the difficult decision to close the shop. There are a lot of challenges that come with owning a small business...both personal and financial and we felt it was the right time to move on.  It was an amazing experience... one I am fortunate to have had. 

In short, I married the man of my dreams. have two awesome kids, a puppy named Maddie and we meet every night around the Family Table. I hope to share some fun & healthy recipes, cute party ideas, things to do with kids, a few tips on fitness, and maybe a pop of fashion! I invite you to join me... there's always room for one more at our Family Table.


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