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What's Up Wednesday March 2024

 Hi friends! It's the last Wednesday of the month and I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for a little What's Up Wednesday. I fun post sharing a little food, a little what we're wearing, a little what we're doing, a little what we're watching and a little bit of everything all in one post!

What We're Eating This Week

Well last week I shared the recipe for a new fish dish I created. Paul had a dish he loved in Florid and threw down the challenge to me to recreate it. I must say my rendition was pretty darn good! You can grab the recipe here

This week I shared this beef & noodle recipe. 

And coming soon to the blog is this recipe for Greek Chicken Bowls. Although I struggle to call it a recipe, it's just a bunch of things thrown in a bowl! But I'll share how we build these bowls soon. 

What I'm Reminiscing About

A few weeks ago was my solo trip to Disney. And as much as I love travel with my family, a little solo travel is oh so fun once in a while. I shared all the fun details here

What I'm Loving

I feel like we are getting a hint of better weather. Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise or some sunshine during the day or just the longer daylight, I can feel the end of Winter and I sure love that feeling! 

Although never mind that we got like 6” of snow last week! It’s the sun that helps my mood. There is a house in our town that has a chalkboard, and they are forever writing funny sayings on it. This one made me laugh last week as we got some fresh snow on the first day of Spring! 

What We've Been Up To

Our house kind of went through it this Winter. We lost some roof shingles and had a water issue in the basement. So a new roof is on the way and we were busy clearing space in the basement for the work to begin this week. #adultingatitsfinest

Please admire my new pipes with me....LOL!

We also got to watch Luke play in a volleyball tournament this weekend. Always fun to watch my #3 play!

We also celebrated World Down Syndrome Day last week. You can read all about my rockstar of a sister here

What I'm Dreading

Next month I have to start a fairly aggressive therapy on my face. After spending too much of my teen years and my twenties worshipping the sun, I am paying for it now. While I have been much more diligent with my suncare in my 30's and 40's, unfortunately I still have some skin damage that needs to be addressed. So please have this be your sign to wear your sunscreen & make that appointment with a dermatologist. 

What I'm Excited About

We are officially launching our college tour season with Ella. So while yes I am excited, it's also a little "how the heck are we here already?" feeling. 

We are also heading back to one of our favorite cities, a place we used to call home.... Philadelphia. We love heading back to eat some of our favorite foods and watch our favorite team play basketball!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I was sick all last week. Like maybe the most sick I have been in my life..... but with all my downtime I took some time to watch the Eras Tour. I mean, regardless of your thoughts on Taylor, she really is quite a talent and truly has capitalized on the empire she has built. I found it fascinating. 

What I'm Listening To

While I am also watching it, I am listening to March Madness discussions from my boys. My Dad, my husband and my son. And I love it!

What I'm Wearing

I just can't get enough of these bracelets. I think I wear a set nearly every day. This my new favorite stack for Spring /Summer. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend

We have a pretty exciting weekend ahead. Friday I am part of a really fun grand opening celebration for the company I work for. My team has been working so hard these last 2 weeks and I can't wait to celebrate with them!! 

 Then I am hosting Easter at our house and celebrating Luke's 15th birthday. Like 15??? How? We have some fun surprises in store for him!

What I'm Looking forward to Next Month

All the Spring Sports will be in full swing. We will celebrate my parents' birthdays. Paul and I are going to see Luke Combs in concert. And Paul's parents are coming up from Florida. It's going to be a fun and full month! And hopefully a little bit warmer.

Have a great Wednesday! See you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites. 

There is always room for one more at our family table. 



Something New for Your Family Table Steak-Mushroom Noodle Stirfry

 How is this the last week of March?? Between work trips and being down for the count sick last week, March sure flew by! And just 6 days until Easter! Anyone else wondering how that happened?

Anyway this is a full week as Spring sports are in full swing and I have some fun stuff happening at work this week. 

I sure don't have time to spend hours on dinner, so quick 30 minute stir fry is just what I need. 

Unless you are new here, you know we love building our meals in a bowl and we really love Asian inspired cuisine. 

I saw this recipe in the latest Food Network magazine and knew we had to give it a try. 

Here is a pic of some of what you will need. I always sub liquid aminos for soy sauce in a recipe and these little cubes of frozen ginger are perfect to have on hand for recipes. 

The recipe is just 5 steps and starts with soaking the noodles to soften and then putting together the sauce ingredients. From there, everything cooks pretty quickly as you stirfry the onions and meat. 

Those get pulled out after a few minutes and you move right into stir-frying the veggies. 

Add it all together with the noodles and boom! Dinner is done!

We topped ours with sesame seeds and pickled ginger. And I often will cook up some pot stickers or dumplings for my kids too, because they love carbs!

If you are not a fan of steak, you could sub chicken or even pork. And if you don't have or like the cellophane noodles, you can do over lomein or rice!

An easy weeknight meal for the win! Grab the full recipe here.

Have a great Monday friends. See you back here for What's Up Wednesday. There is always room for one more at our family table. 


Friday Favorites March 22nd

 Happy Friday friends! I am  linking up with Andrea & Erika for a little Friday Favorites. A peek into a few of my favorite things from the week. Let me tell you- I am glad this week is wrapping up. I have been so darn sick all week and finally felt like I turned the corner last night.

Yesterday was a very special day for our family, World Down Syndrome Day. For those that are new here, my sister Emma has Down Syndrome.

 She is a rockstar in her own right. You can read all about her in my post here

I love a fun tablescape. Give me a holiday or a theme and I can just run with it! One of my little hacks for making a table look fun is using wrapping paper as a runner. 
I found the cutest bunny paper on Amazon and then a bunch of cute pastel party pieces on clearance at Target and off I went!

Here is a closer look at the paper. It's not as wide as a regular roll of wrap, so it was a perfect runner size. You can grab it here

I started working on the table this week. I'll share the finished look next week, but loving it so far!

Ok so the rest of my favorites are a roundup of some great mostly Spring finds from Amazon. They are having a Spring Sale through the weekend. Some of the finds are great deals and some are things we have ordered for our upcoming trip. So let's get shopping. 

Ella found this one. It is adorable! I was so impressed with the quality of the fabric. She got it in this pretty lilac color. I loved it so much I ordered it the orange color for me.  As of this post, there's a 15% coupon, making it under $20! One of the photos shows it pretty cropped, but I don't think it's very cropped at all. 

I loved the colors, pattern and style of this dress! It just got delivered yesterday. I am hoping to wear for Easter if it's not snowing. I also think it will be perfect for our a dinner out in Charleston. It comes in 6 colors and is super comfortable!

Ella picked this dress out for vacation. It also arrived yesterday and is adorable! The tiered layers and pattern look great on her! This would also be a cute option for Easter. You can add a denim jacket if it's cool where you are.  It comes in 7 colors and it is under $25. 

I ordered this kimono and it's perfect for so many things! It looks great as a swim cover up, cute with shorts and it works for a dressier look with black jeans and a black tank. I think kimonos are such a great way to elevate an outfit. I loved the black and white option, but the chambray and white were a close second choice for me!

I have this bra in 2 colors and it is so comfortable! The bands don't dig in, there's no lumps around the back hanging out and while it is a t-shirt style, it still gives you some shape. I have washed and dried them with no issues. It's so good! There's over 15 color options and at $35 I think it's worth every penny!

I have shared this Free People dupe before, as I have it in green. This cream is calling my name!!!! 

I get so many compliments when I wear it. It's cute to throw on going to the gym or running errands or even to go out. I wore mine with jeans out to dinner last week. 

And you see what's on my wrist there??? My favorite bracelets that you guys have gone crazy for when I have shared. 

This is my new favorite stack! These colors just scream Spring & Summer to me! So many color combos to choose from....perfect in an Easter basket!

Also worn in those pics with my green fleece,  but you probably can't see are a pair of these hoops. I love hoop earrings. I have had a love affair with them since 1992. I would say there is an 85% chance on any given day I am wearing a pair from this set. This under $10 set that has almost 12,000 reviews.... you need them!

And you know I have shared this LuLu dupe before. I have it in taupe and black, but this Spring-y blue color???? I am swooning over it.  There are over 15 color options and several are on sale under $20!

I shared this bag before, I have it grey. But this white with the lilac strap for Spring??? Adorable. Also adorable is the current price under $20. So many cute strap and color options available.

Do I play tennis? No. Might I start once I get this skirt? Maybe. LOL. Seriously, this skirt is so darn cute and I was torn between the classic black and the gorgeous hot pink. Grab this one quick, it's on a Spring deal and comes in a bunch of colors.

Do I need this dress? Probably not. But do I have 4 country concerts coming up? Yes. I ordered and am envisioning with white boots. Ill keep you posted. 

I am always on the lookout for cute pieces I can wear with tailored pants for work, but can also transition to wear casually or out to dinner. This cap sleeve sweater seemed to check that box for me. There are like 20 color options, but this blue spoke to me. 

I was a wear whatever was around to bed gal for years. Then I found satin pajama sets. I am converted. 
So comfy. I am not sweating in the middle of the night. And I actually look somewhat pulled together. With over 24,000 reviews I am not alone. Tons of color options and under $20, Treat yourself. You won't be disappointed. 

One non clothing item to share are these glasses. I am a sucker for dishes, mugs and glasses. $15 for this set of 2 with lids and glass straws? Yes, please. 

We are in for a fairly low key weekend with a lot of basketball! We love March Madness. Luke has a one day volleyball tournament on Sunday and this is our last weekend before some travel and then Spring sports will be in full swing!

Have a great weekend friends!
 See you on Monday, there is always room for one more at our family table.

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

 Hi is a special day....3.21 or World Down Syndrome Day!

I wanted to reshare my post from a few years ago on this's my favorite post and I added a few udpates. 
My sister Emma has Down Syndrome...but that's about the last thing that defines her. Her thoughtfulness, her caring heart, her ability to see the good in everyone and her open arms for a hug are what make her a celebrity.

 At least around these parts...everyone knows Emma!

A few updates since last post... we made it to the NKOTB concert, but unfortunately she did not end up on stage with Donnie. We travelled to Boston in search of him, but no luck. Still looking for a connection to him😉

We have celebrated World Down Syndrome Day with some of our favorite friends!

So I will share my post below, with a few updated pictures and would love it if you could help us celebrate today by doing one random act of kindness for someone. A smile, a hug, a cup of coffee... that's the spirit of Emma...always looking to brighten someone's day.  

 I thought this is a perfect time to introduce you to my sister, Emma. Although she is pretty much celebrated daily!

Emma is 7 1/2 years younger than me and I still remember the day my parents brought her home from the hospital. My brother and I were swimming in our backyard pool and I was so excited to have a sister!! Pretty much the best sister ever.....

My parents have been her biggest supporters. She has been involved in so many activities and programs that have helped shape her into the amazing young lady she is today. They have pushed for her when needed and never asked for or expected to be treated any differently. Emma attended a high school with a focus on culinary arts and went on to complete a young adult transitional program at a local community college. Just like everyone else, she finished her college program and landed a she has held for over 15 years.  I am so proud of my parents for the independence they have given Emma!

She is also pretty much a star in her own right. People don't really know who I am, and I will say I am Emma's sister and they will be like...oh ok, I know Emma! Ha! Of course... everyone knows Emma....and that's just how she likes it. 

She will walk up to anyone in a party and introduce herself and probably offer a hug. If someone walks into the room, she is the first to go over and say hello and welcome them in. If you are on the dance floor at a wedding, she will be dancing right next to you. And if you are not out there, watch out, because she is probably coming for you! Seriously...she just loves for everyone around her to be happy and having a good time!
She has been a food service worker in a local school for over 1years. It's a job she loves and one she does well. Ask her what she does and she will tell you she is "feeding the children of  America". She loves her co- workers and always remembers them on their birthday or holidays by bringing in their favorite drink or snack. They have celebrated her as well, and some have come to watch her perform in her annual dance recital.

She loves coloring, dancing, the Buffalo Sabres and Donnie Walhberg. Gosh does she love Donnie.... a die hard fan of Blue Bloods and NKOTB. If anyone has a connection to get her to meet him, I will be forever in your debt!!

Now onto "Aunt Emma".....a topic I could talk about for days! I am not sure there is anyone that is more proud to have the role as an aunt. She loves to introduce her niece and nephews to anyone that meets them.

She loves when they pick her up at work. And she never comes over empty handed! Whether a favorite toy, snack or book.... Emma loves to give to her niece and nephews.

She sends cards at every holiday and includes money... in the amount equal to their age. She is an amazing godmother to my Luke and my nephew Nicholas.

And while she has a great bond with the boys, the one she has with Ella is like none other. They are like two peas in a pod...Ella keeps her up to date with her Iphone and helps with all her music downloads. They bond over music, shopping and sleepovers!

I could go on and on..... the bottom line is I am a better person because of Emma. My kids have amazing hearts because of her. Everyone she meets leaves feeling a little more loved. Everyone should be lucky enough to have an Emma in their life.........

Enjoy your day friends! See you later this week....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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