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Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve friends!!!!
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Thank you so much for following along as I share a little piece of our world here on the blog. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy 2019! I am taking a little blogging break to enjoy the holidays and will be back here on January 2. 
I can't wait to share our holiday fun, my favorite reads of 2018 and my favorite moments from the year. 
From my family to yours.....Merry Christmas!!! 
See you in 2019.....there is always room for one more at our family table.

Merry Monday!!!

Ok friends...I guess it is officially "crunch time"! We are one week out until Christmas Eve and I'm not sure about you, but we have all the things happening this week!! 
We have holiday parties, cookie parties, dance, basketball, neighborhood parties, a gift giving event, my birthday, and... I start a new! 
I am so excited for all of it, but I feel like I am going to blink and the week will be gone. So for today I thought I would share a few things to help in case you have a busy week too. 
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Happy Friday friends!! Just 11 days until Christmas! It's that time when I am torn between being excited for Christmas Eve/Day and wanting time to slow down, because I don't want it to be over!
We have been getting our holiday on here this last week! So here are a few of my favorites from the week.
Spoiler Alert... all my favorites have some connection to Christmas!!
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 As always, I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers, ErikaNarci & Andrea to share some favorites from the week!

How We Christmas!!!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!! Today I am linking up with Shay & Erika for How We Wednesday. Some fun topics on "how we do" life... and today's topic is How We Christmas!! Cue twinkle lights and Christmas music.
I am all about traditions. As much as I like to explore new things too, I love doing the same things each year....especially around Christmas. So today I am sharing some of our family Christmas traditions. Not just what we do on Christmas day (we do pretty much the same things every Christmas Day) but the whole month leading up to it!

Gingerbread Party 2018... A Sweet Afternoon

 Happy Tuesday friends!!! I had every intention of sharing a post yesterday, but the weekend wiped me out and I chose my bed over blogging on Sunday night! But the weekend wiped me out in all the best ways! We took our annual trip across the border to see the lights in Niagara Falls on Saturday and on Sunday we hosted our annual Gingerbread party. 
I get lots of questions from friends, on the blog and on social media aobut this party, so this post is a recap and a "how to" all in one😉 I will warn you it is also a lot of pictures!
As for how this party started, we first hosted this party 7 years ago. I love Christmas and thought it would be fun to have an afternoon with Moms and their girls during the holidays. Our first party we had 6 girls. 
And this year we hosted 11 girls. 
Each year we partner with a local organization to find a family in need for the holidays. We send out the family wishlist to the girls that are coming and they help us make the holidays a bit brighter for a special family. So not only a fun afternoon, but the reason for the party is to help a family that needs a little hope around Christmas. 

Friday Favorites....Hello December

Happy Friday friends!! We are in full December Mode here!!
Elf Arrival...Check
Good Snowfall....Check
Twinkle lights all around....Check
Gifts bought....Check
Gosh I love this month! I shared a fun linkup on Monday with a little holiday Q&A and I think all those holiday questions really got be in the spirit! Be sure to check it out, if you missed it!
And now onto Friday Favorites... a whole bunch of random favorite things from the last week. As always, I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers, ErikaNarci & Andrea to share some favorites from the week!

What I've Been Reading......

Hey friends!! It has been a while since I shared a book review here. So here is a peek at what I have been reading lately. 
8 books
6 I enjoyed.
2 not so much.
And reading is so good when you are surrounded by twinkle lights!

A Fun Holiday Link up!

Hey friends! I am so excited that December is here!!! We had a great weekend and kicked off our month with a little visit from Percy our elf. 
So I am feeling all kinds of festive and excited to link up with the ladies over at  The Blended Blog for a Holiday Edition of TBB Asks. 

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